Modernizing the HR System and the Database of More Than 2.000 Employees


Solution that seamlessly integrates with their current system, hardware, and infrastructure while modernizing their HR system.


Building Human Resource Management System that integrated with fingerprint solution and automated data retrieval.


Faster processing for payroll management


Help accounting reporting purposes related to payslip, employee taxes, etc.


Integrated fingerprint solutions with automatic data capture

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KDS Indonesia

Industry Sector

Crystal Device & Resonator

Company size

Large enterprise


Cikarang, Indonesia

Key features used

Smart Payroll

About PT. KDS Indonesia


PT. KDS Indonesia is a part of Daishinku Corporation, a leading manufacturer and seller for quality crystal devices and resonators that are widely used in electronic devices ranging from mobile phones to communication satellites. Daishinku has gained a global reputation for its undisputed technology and quality control in the field of crystal devices and resonators due to innovation efforts from synthetic quartz crystals to the finished product.


To create a more seamless employee attendance integration and the overall human resource operations, such as processing payroll, generating and sending payslip, and finance reports related to its 2.500+ employees payroll, PT. KDS Indonesia is now a proud client of Selarastech which has been utilizing our Smart Payroll platform and customized solution as well.


The biggest challenge they faced before the transition with Selarastech was to modernize their HRIS system while at the same time, the new platform must be integrated with their existing system, hardware, and infrastructure. This is where Selarastech’s platform comes into the scene.


Integrating the attendance data and simplifying the overall payroll operations are done seamlessly.


With Selarastech’s Customized Solution, we match the employees data with their fingerprint and consolidate the attendance data with automated retrieval. PT. KDS Indonesia is also using Selarastech’s Smart Payroll to easily generate the payslip and process the payroll for its 2.500+ employees, as well as customized the payroll report for the finance reporting.


Do you thing it’s your turn to simplify the payroll system? Contact our expert now and find out how Selarastech can help you with your goals!