Implementing the 100% Paperless Approval and Report in BTPN Syariah


Previously BTPNS manages more than 1,000 assets (Buildings & Motorcycles) in Indonesia; FAS Indoraya one of our outsourcing partners needs to transform its operations using a facility management system.


Building Facility Management System for planning, supervising, directing and delegating work to all system users or those who associate and coordinate with FAS Indoraya.


Real-Time Visibility in Technician Activities


Active user from different regions


Removal of paper-based approval & report

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Industry Sector


Company size

Small Enterprise


Jakarta, Indonesia

Key features used

Smart Facility Management

About  PT FAS Indoraya

PT FAS Indoraya (FAS) established to provide Facility Management services that consist of building management and maintenance, security service, cleaning service, and office support man power management (i.e. receptionist, driver, messenger, etc)


Selarastech has been partnering with PT FAS Indoraya to revamp the facility management of BTPN Syariah to manage its thousands of assets.


Using our facility management system, we managed to help BTPN Syariah operations in tracking and managing more than 1.000 assets to go paperless. This will allow the BTPNS to process the approval and reporting digitally through our platform, as well as to get full visibility on the end-to-end operation activities for easier monitoring.


BTPN Syariah has gone paperless with the implementation of a facility management system from Selarastech and PT FAS Indoraya.


Other than the facility management, Selarastech also provides the platform for technician performance monitoring and review. This is helpful to evaluating and planning for the further improvement to ensure the human resource quality stays optimized.


Manage your assets better with our Smart Facility Management. Please contact our expert now to find a tailored solution for your needs!